We use traditional natural ingredients (starch, dextrin, casein) and synthetic polymers.


These are environmentally friendly, naturally degradable adhesives


Adhesives are directly adapted to the customer’s requirements with regard to the application technology used or the properties and type of material to be bonded

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We are always happy to help you choose the right adhesive for your application

Starch adhesives


  • Paper industry
  • Manufacture of hygiene products
  • Book industry


Dextrin adhesives

The basic ingredient is dextrin and starch. Dextrin adhesives are characterized by high dry matter and stickiness. By adding other raw materials, different viscosities of the adhesives are achieved.


  • In the paper industry for gluing cartons
  • For cartons
  • For bottling of hollows
  • For laminating
  • For gluing labels on sheet metal
  • For coating boxes
  • In the bookbinding and toilet paper industries

Dispersion adhesives

The basic component is a dispersion modified by other components to the desired properties.


  • Gluing of cardboard, paper
  • Cardboard glue
  • PE and aluminium foils
  • For laminating
  • Tubing
  • For the production of packaging (bags) and paper bags
  • In bookbinding

Labelling adhesives



  • Labelling of glass, PET and PVC bottles
  • Labelling on sheet metal
  • All either for manual labelling or on labelling machines

Hot melt adhesives

ExoMelt3057 and 3039 are fast setting hot melt adhesives with short drying times and good to high hot tack.


  • For the packaging and paper industry
  • For gluing cartons and paper
  • For folded cartons

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